User Profile

  • Demographic
  • 17-35
  • Occupation isn’t a huge factor. The app will appeal to anyone who is responsible for the own money, whether it is a student, builder, or hairdresser.
  • Income would be below average to normal income, someone that has a need to budget, so someone earning a lot higher than the national average perhaps doesn’t need a budgeting app.


  • Geographic 
  • The geographic profile would include people who I imagine live in bigger towns or cities, as apple pay is something used when on the go and leading a busy lifestyle.


  • Psychographic 
  • I feel working and middle class people would see a use for the app.
  • Someone who leads a busy lifestyle, with plenty of things to think about and achieve in a day.
  • The activities of someone who would use a budget app would obviously be shopping! Eating out at restaurants in the city or having drinks with friends is also high on their list of things to do.
  • The motivations of someone within this user profile would probably be quite materialistic. Perhaps budgeting helps to save for the new car or handbag, maybe the motivation for budgeting is to buy a new house next year.
  • The personality of the typical user of this app would be someone who is savvy with their money. Perhaps they always have been, or maybe the need to budget comes a new learning curve created by prior sloppiness. For someone who enjoys the finer things in life, but like most of us is on a budget, it requires being smart, and this app is perfect for someone who knows this but is able to use technology to help them out, rather than an accountant or an old school excel spreadsheet. Those who make use of the ‘shopping’ and ‘fun’ features of the app are sociable, friendly people who enjoy going out and having fun with friends and work colleges after having left the office on a Friday night. But they also know they’ll always have enough money for a taxi home because they budgeted for that with the ‘transport’ feature of their new Apple Wallet app.

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